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Making Old Furniture New

I never knew how big of a deal restoring old lawn furniture was until this year. I got a call from a nice young couple that had a couple of retro chairs they wanted to restore. When they dropped the chairs off we talked a bit and I found out that they had actually dug these chairs out of a garbage pile on the side of the road.

I started by disassembling the chairs which actually was more of a task then expected. Seeing as how these chairs are at least 20 years old and have probably been outside in the Michigan weather for most of their life the bolts were all nice and rusty. A hack saw helped me fix this problem. Once apart I began to the clean up process of sandblasting which also proved to be a task considering all the years of paint that were on them on top of the original powder coat. Several hours later I had all the pieces cleaned up down to bare metal and ready for powder.

From this point on the rest of the job was pretty easy coating all the pieces were pretty straight forward and the tiffany blue seats and backs with the white handles looked amazing. The customer was very happy with the end product and this job actually got me another set of chairs from a different couple to do. Word of mouth is still the best advertising out there.

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