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Step 1: Initial Stripping

The first step in our process is to do an initial strip of all coatings that are currently on the parts. For all aluminum parts or, any steel part that isn't steel tubing, this means a dip on one of our 95 gallon acid tubs. This will strip all paint and powder off of the parts. For any steel tubing parts or chrome plated parts those head straight to the sandblaster and are blasted down to a bare metal finish. 


Step 2: Outgassing

After the parts come out of their acid bath, or are finished with their initial blasting, they then go into the oven for the outgassing step. Outgassing is a step where the part is heated 450-500 degrees for 45 minutes. This allows all the pores of the metals to open and release any oils that are trapped inside and might cause issues during the coating process. It also helps with getting anything that's trapped in any corrosion that might be found on your parts. 

Step 3: Final Blasting

After the parts cool off from outgassing, its back into the blaster for one final sandblasting that will clean all the metals up and leave us with a nice smooth even surface to coat too. 


Step 4: Masking and Final Clean Up

After the parts are completely blasted and cleaned up its time for our final prep before coating. First step is to blow all the remaining dust from sandblasting. After that the parts get sprayed down with denatured alcohol. This is just to final clean all dust and oils form touching the parts off. After that we will mask off any areas that we don't want powder getting on or into. 

Step 5: Coating

Our final step in the process is the actual coating. All parts get a minimum 2 coats of powder. Some parts get up to 4 coats depending on what color the powder is and the design we are doing. Colors can range from a basic black or white, to amazing deep candies, to wild two tones.  

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