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Make Things Shiny

For this blog post we talk about something that most people have no idea even exists, chrome powder coat. One of my regular customers Matt, brought me his intakes off of his 68 Ford Mustang. They were in decent shape but he told me one simple thing, "Make Them Shiny."

I told him, "No problem."

So we started by masking every hole off in both of these intakes as best we could so that we could sand blast them. The "Performer" intake in the lower picture took a little bit of time to blast off because it had come from the factory powder coated. After the initial blasting we outgassed the parts in the oven at 450 degrees for 45 minutes. That way we didn't have any inssues with our final product. After the outgassing it was time for one final blast just to clean the parts up and then mask off both parts with high temp masking tape.

So for those who don't want to pony up the money for actual chrome coating on your parts, look into chrome powder coat. It is very similar but can do done for a fraction of the cost. Also if it isn't as shiny as you want you can always buff the crap out of it and it will get even shinier. One thing I like about chrome powder is it has a 50 degree range you can bake it at. Anywhere from 400-450 degrees. Most colors you only get a single temp to bake at.

Overall these pieces came out great. The were the look the customer was looking for and he was very happy. So happy in fact he is bringing me his wheels next week to do the same color on.

Thanks for reading


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