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Full Service Wheel Coating

One of the services we offer at TLR Coatings is what we call "a full service job." A full service job is something we do for the convenience of the customer. A full service wheel job includes;

Wheel and tire removal from car

Tire dismount



Color Coat

Tire Mount/Balance

Wheels and tires reinstalled onto vehicle

Long story short with a full service wheel job all you have to worry about is dropping the car off and paying for it when you pick it up. We learned early on that while removing wheels and tires from a vehicle seems easy to us, its not to everyone, so to ease the process of getting your wheels powdercoated we just decided to do it for you.

How It Works:

The full service option works very very easy for the customer. Step one is the customer drops the vehicle off on sunday evening sometime after 5 pm. This allows us to get started on the vehicle first thing Monday morning. The first thing we do is to get the car up off the ground and on some jack stands. After removing the wheels and tires from the car we head over to see our friends at the local Belle Tire to get the tires and wheels separated. Once we get the wheels back they go straight to the sandblaster to get completely blasted down to bare aluminum or steel. After a quick wash and some masking where appropriate the wheels get their first coat of protection primer. This is a very important step for any set of wheels in Michigan as due to our harsh winters and the salts used on the roads, the primer layer is the last layer of protection to help keep your wheels looking nice and fresh for years to come.

After primer comes our first color coat. All of our wheels get a minimum of two coats of color depending on if you choose a solid tone or candy coat for them. As soon as the wheels have cooled down from their last bake cycle they get wrapped up and are taken back to Belle Tire to have the tires remounted and balanced. When we receive those back we bring them back to the shop and reinstall them on the vehicle. After a short test drive to make sure everything is good to go we contact the customer and schedule a pickup time.

And that's how a full service wheel job works here at TLR Coatings. Making the whole process as simple as possible for the customer.

Travis Ridenour

TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, MI


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