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Professional ATV Racing

We received a call from a long time customer of the shop, Rocket Engineering. They opened the conversation with, ”hey, we have another set of quad wheels to do.” No problem we said, we coat quad wheels all the time in all different colors. There was however one caveat to it, “we need them done in less then a week.” At certain times of the year this would be no problem, however in early spring it is one of our busiest times of the year so this was going to be a squeeze to get them done. The reason they needed them done so quick is because they were for a professional ATV racer they sponsored who was making his pro debut at the 2021 Daytona ATV race.

We started the job by special ordering the color they had selected for the wheels. RAL 5002 which is a great looking blue that matches up to the Yamaha blue plastics perfectly. We then sandblasted the wheels so we had a nice clean metal to get started coating with. The first stage of coating was a nice even coat of primer to help protect the aluminum from any of the outside elements they may come up against. After that we put two coats of the blue on just to make sure we had nice even coverage and plenty of protection for all of the wear and tear these wheels will come up against.

After snapping the pics you see we got the wheels wrapped up and sent off to our friends at Rocket who then proceeded to box them up and ship them to Daytona just in time for the race. He then mounted tires and raced on them where he proceeded to make an amazing pro debut finishing 4th!!

Travis Ridenour

Kalamazoo, Mi



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