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Color Matching Powder To Paint

Probably one of the trickiest things we get asked to do at the shop is color match parts. Powder coating is a wonderful process which when don e correctly will last much much longer then paint will. However one of the things that we hate about it is how it has no cross over to the field of paint.

We get countless request to color match parts to other things that are painted and it is a process for us do this and actually make it work. The easiest but most expensive way to do this is to take a part that has the original paint on it. Send it into the powder company where they can scan it and then make that exact color in powder form. However this is also the most expensive way to do it, usually requiring us to order a full box of powder once we get the color which most of the time is wayyyyy more powder then we need for the job.

The other way to do it, which takes far longer, is to eyeball it, for lack of a better term. Here we start by having you bring us a piece that is painted the color you want. We then try to match that up to one of our small swatches, aka Samples, that we get from our powder suppliers. After that we order a small amount and spray out a bigger piece to make sure that the color is the correct one we are going for. We then can do a full order of powder we need and complete the project. Very rarely does this work on the first try, it usually requires ordering multiple samples and doing multiple spray outs.

In conclusion, color matching can be done with powdercoat it’s just not the easiest thing in the world to do.

Travis Ridenour

TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, Michigan


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