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A Job For An Old Friend

I received a call from an old friend, my old high school auto body teacher to be exact. He had been one of the most dynamic figures in shaping my young mind and the only teacher I still kept in contact with after high school. He called saying he had some wheels for his Porsche and was interested in getting them powder coated in black chrome. In an ironic twist of fate I was actually in the middle of coating a set of Jeep wheel in the exact same color.

He dropped the wheels off, a super nice condition set of Porsche Cup Wheels. We began with stripping them in our chemical bath. In typical German wheel fashion the coating did not want to come off. After hours and hours of soaking the wheels were finally clean of there coating and ready to be cleaned up with some sandblasting.

After some final prep it was time to coat: a nice smooth layer of primer was layed to seal up the aluminum and help prevent any of the elements from getting in. After primer came two coats of chrome base, tow coats of the black chrome color, an finally a top coat of clear for that beautiful wet look. The wheels came out amazing and the customer was absolutely in love with them. So much so he sent me several pics that same day of the wheels on the car.

Travis Ridenour

kalamazoo, MI


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