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First B2B Deal

Ok so on my journey here along my road I'm calling starting a business I have had to make a couple sacrifices. However I have been able to keep some of the creature comforts most people enjoy. One of those is vacation. I was lucky enough to attend the 2018 World of Concrete convention with my parents in Las Vegas. While in Vegas I received a facebook message from a local import tuning shop called "Strictly Performance." They do a lot of high end GTR and Evo builds as well as a lot of tuning with their in house dyno. When I got the message they were looking for a new powder coater I was thrilled to get the opportunity.

One unique thing about the shop is they not only do a lot of builds but they also have a small line of production performance parts. This is great for me because it will provide a steady ish income for the shop and still allow us to do all of our normal custom work. When I got back from my Vegas trip i immediately went to the shop the following day to meet with them and go over some colors and pricing. Thinking I was going to get only a couple pieces to test shoot for them I was more then surprised when I left with over 35 parts to coat. Needless to say they were thrilled with the results and the turn around time I provided.

We have now been working together for several weeks and our relationship is going strong. They like that i will do pick ups and drop offs at the shop and I enjoy a steady stream of income. Plus the biggest bonus we still get to do tons of awesome custom jobs in between the small batches of their production parts.

Travis Ridenour

TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, Mi

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