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Blued Welds

On one of our recent jobs we received a request for something we had never attempted at the shop. The customer wanted the welds on his steel Dirtbike frame blued and then clear coated for a raw, freshly built look. Having never done anything like this before we immediately jumped on google and YouTube to research just how we might even go about doing this.

Turns out it’s not super difficult to perform it just takes some time and patience. Blue’ing the welds can be done with a simple hand held propane torch. However this is not a quick process. We spent almost 90 minutes just to do what we did to the frame you see. After that it was time for a flat clear coat and BOOM!! You can see the results are killer looking and we have immediately started looking for a bike for the shop to build just to have a frame that looks like this in the shop. The customer was very happy with the results

Travis Ridenour

TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, Mi


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