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The Companies First Full Motorcycle Build

Today we are going to talk about one of the early projects that the company did. The picture you are seeing is was TLR Coatings first full bike build. This bike was brought to my by a friend of a friend from high school. Im pretty well known throughout the Kalamazoo area as the Honda F4i guy. So when the customer called me and ask me to take a Honda F4i motor and put it in a Honda F4 chassis I jumped at the chance. As long as we had the bike completely torn down we decided to coat some things also. Some things meaning wheels, frame, subframe, swingarm and triple clamps.

I started this project by tearing down the Honda f4 and tossing out the original carburated motor. Once torn down I sandblasted the frame, wheels, swingarm, subframe, and triple clamps. After blasting them and getting them prepped for powder we coated everything in one of my favorite colors, Kawi Green. I love this color as its almost a neon green, very bright, very loud, very vibrant, just my style. After coating everything I began reassembling the bike. Now whenever you are building a bike using older used parts that you really don't know where they come from germlins will always arise, and this bike was no different. On the initial start up of this bike it ran great, for about 2 minutes, then poof. Loud, miss firing, I had no idea what was happening. After a further inspection I found that the number 2 spark plug had blown out of the head. To remedy the probelm the had to once again drop the motor and but a helicoil in the motor to keep the spark plug in.

So after a week of messing with the head to get the helicoil in we finally got everything reassembled and refired. This time it ran perfect and we had zero issues. Now I was just waiting on the plastics to get painted. While i do know how to do body work and paint, I dont have a paint shop in my garage so we sent all the plastics and gas tank out to get a nice gloss black paint job. Once we got the freshly painted plastics back we immediately put them back on the bike and got the results you see in the picture.

As you can see this bike came out fantastic. The kawi green hard parts combine with the gloss black plastics is a great combination. The bike is a big head turner at any bike night it attends.

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