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Custom Fade's

For todays blog we have probably one of the coolest looking pieces I've ever coated. This is a simple Honda Civic stock valve cover and intake. The guys who brought it too me are regulars who own a small import shop and have been bringing me stuff to coat since I started 3 years ago.

When they dropped off the parts they liked the gold color but thought well black would probably be better. While talking it over with them the idea hit me to do a fade from one to the other. So as we continued to talk I pitched the idea of doing a black to gold fade. They immediately loved it.

So i began this project like any of them, by masking off the openings and sand blasting the parts down to a nice smooth bare metal. After that it was into the oven for some outgasing then back into the blaster for one final clean up blast. After that I began final masking with high temp tape. While doing that I noticed the giant Honda name on the valve cover. My first thought, "well Ive never done a piece where the letters were a different color." So after laying down some nice smooth gloss black it was back to the tape and knife to mask off the letters so they would stay black after spraying the gold. Doing the fade itself was actually not that difficult, neither color really bleeds into the other with gold and black so its all about gun technique and just feathering the powder. The best part since its a fade you cant really screw it up its just a free flowing thing.

When all was said and done the results were amazing. As you can see in the picture the black and gold flowed great together and really compliment each other well. The Honda logo really stands out in black amongst all that gold and I learned a lot doing this job.

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