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Its Not All About Things With Wheels

In today's blog we are going to talk about a different kind of project we did. While most of the jobs we do are centered around something with a motor and wheels, we can actually coat anything that is metal. From door knobs, to mailboxes, to hand rails we coat it all.

My father is a mason by trade, so one day he was replacing a front porch for a customer. They also wanted their hand rails replaced. After doing some searching he discovered that new cast iron railing was not cheap. So he ask me one day if I would be interested in coating a couple of hand rails. Of course I said "bring it on."

So we began with a trip to our industrial sandblaster at Consolidated Stripping. It is a local sand blaster with giant industrial units they rent out space in hourly. While blasting I remembered why cleaning up old pieces like this is always a crap shoot. These rails had about 10 layers of the heaviest laquer paint you can think of. So a few hours later these bad boys were cleaned down to bare metal and ready to coat.

Now began the real challenge of this job, fitting these rails in my oven. The rails are about 4.5 ft long and about 40 ish inches tall. My oven is only 6 feet tall and 4 feet deep. So it was a tight fit of coating these one at a time. Also there really wasnt a great place to hook these to hang them for spraying so that meant we had to double coat both of them.

At the end of the day with some cussing and lots of "Im never doing this agian's" we managed to get them coated and they looked great. After the install the customers were thrilled which is always a great feeling.

If you have some railings or door knobs or any little metal pieces around the house you would like to change the color on feel free to contact us and get your free quote.

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