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White Wheels For That Extra Clean Look

We are constantly learning here at TLR Coatings. We don't claim to know it all and every job we do is different. This set of wheels was no different. I learned how much I hate Plasti-Dip on this job. These wheels were brought to my by one of my now regular customers, but this was our inaugural job. When he brought me the wheels I thought oh not bad, set of 17's maybe powdered no big deal. Then I got to one wheel which had the dreaded Plasti-Dip.

For those who have no idea what plasti-dip is, it is a rubber based paint that you can spray on and when you don't care for the color anymore you just peal it off. The greatness that is being able to peal it off is the exact reason I hate it. I found out the hard way when you sandblast a rubber coating it tends to move with the sand not actually strip off the part like it should. So after a couple of hours stripping that wheel alone I finally had the wheel set ready for color.

Once we sprayed color on the wheels and baked them they came out spectacular as you can see. The customer was thrilled and this job turned him into a regular here at TLR Coatings.

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