A Testament To Powder Coat Durability

You are looking at my shining star for quality and durability of powder coat. These wheels were the first set i did for one of my best friends. These wheels came off of a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500. This truck was driven year-round in MIchigan. Through snow and salt and everything in between. He plowed snow with them. Basically these wheels were used and abused as much as a daily driver can be and still held up.

These wheels you're looking at were actually coated over three years ago, when i first started coating. Now my buddy has since sold the truck about 6 months ago. However right before he sold it i looked closely at the wheels. Not a scratch on them. I now see the truck around truck from time to time and from what i can see they are still in great shape.

If you want your wheels to hold up in all weather contact us today.




Kalamazoo, MI

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