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Illusion Series Powder, Cool Colors Interesting Application

I got a call from a local small shop that works on cars. It is a high school buddy of mine who brings me lots of his own stuff and from time to time brings me customer parts for cars he is building. This time he brought me some odds and ends off of a 240sx. That wasn't really a big deal to me but the color the kid had chosen was, Illusion Purple. The illusion series of powder coating powders are amazing. They are a simple base/clear two stage process that produce amazingly deep translucent colors that dont require a pesky first stage base chrome coat.

When ordering the color I was reading the application guide on the color and it stated, "if color does not seem to be right do not worry full color wont come out until clear coat is added." I thought this kind of strange but said ok I wont freak out till the end. Little did i know just how off the initial base color is without the clear.

When I baked the first parts I was mildly shocked that when I pulled them out of the oven they weren't purple at all. Instead they were a purplish tinged grey. I thought for sure I had done something wrong but decided lets put the clear on and see what happens. Well as you can see from the pictures once you place the clear on the results are amazing. A wonderful deep translucent purple color emerged after the second bake and I was thrilled.

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