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Do You Do Brake Calipers?

One question I get ask fairly regularly is if we can coat brake calipers. The answer is YES! However as much as I love coating them and customizing even the most minor details of the car I absolutely HATE rebuilding calipers.

When I got the call to coat these brake calipers and was told they were brand new in the box I agreed to do them with a full rebuild for less then I would usually charge strictly for the opportunity to get a set under my belt. Up to this point I had priced several sets out but none had come into the shop yet.

Once receiving the parts i immediately began to disassemble them only to realize there was one very special tool I needed to get the parking brake mechanism apart on the rear calipers. After some research I found that I actually needed a specialty set of pliers to finish the disassembly that cost a whopping $40. So after a couple of days of delay waiting for the tool I was able to finish the disassembly super easy with the proper tools. The stripping and coating process was very simple and then came the rebuild time.

This is where the frustration really came to light. The seals on most calipers are super thin and delicate rubber. So where the first three calipers went back together fairly easily the fourth one decided it was going to be my problem child. Three seals later I had a complete set together and ready for pick up. Overall the job wasn't super difficult but it did confirm my thoughts of if I am going to do a full service job, I'm going to charge accordingly for the head aches it causes me.

Travis Ridenour

TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, MI

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