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Motorcycle Wheels Are My Favorite

If there is one particular job that we get that 9 times out of 10 is easy money, motorcycle wheels are it. They are usually super simple to get stripped, easy to mask off and even easier to shoot. The fact they are so easy allows me to charge much less then any other company and yet still provide a great product and make money.

Every once in awhile you get that set that has either really good powder coat on them or a hundred layers of paint but most of the time it is just the stock oem paint that strips super easy.

The wheels in the picture are a nice set of r6 wheels we coated for a customer over the past winner. These were one of the easy sets which allowed me to turn these around very fast in just a couple of days.

If you have a bike and you need them re-coated or just want a different color on them give us a call today.

Travis Ridenour


Kalamazoo, MI

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