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Testing Out New Colors

Here at TLR Coatings we try to carry a broad range of colors. In fact we stock over 50 different colors to shoot. However that is just a very minor percentage of the actual amount of colors that are possible. In fact one of the main suppliers we use carries over 6500 colors. One of the best things about this supplier is that when ordering if you order $100 or more worth of product you can get free product. So being a shop that always wants to bring the best and the newest to our customers if we get close to that amount chances are high we will add on a random color just to get to that $100 amount. This brings us to the picture with this blog. This picture actually represents two different powders we had ordered as extras. This valve cover you see is actually Illusion Blue Berry with a Casper Clear top coat.

Now the illusion series of powders is one of our favorites here. This type of powder when combine with a normal clear coat will actually give you the look of a super deep and shiney candy color without having to lay down 3-4 coats of different powders. Now the casper clear top coat is actually a specialty clear coat that when applies over any color will give it a ghostly flat look. As you can see when we combine the two the final product is amazing looking and defeinelty something not every one has.

If you are looking for a sweet color but not one that everyone else is using, contact us today we can make it happen.

Travis Ridenour

Kalamazoo, MI

TLR Coatings

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