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Yes We Do Two Tone

A pretty common question I get is, "Do you guys do two toned powder jobs?"

The easy answer to this is yes!!!!!

However two toning powder coating isn't quite as easy as doing a two toned paint job. The biggest problem we have is that we can't put tape over fresh powder and bake it. Sooooo when we do a two toned job on something for say example a wheel set, we actually have to spray a base color bake it, then spray another color and wipe the fresh powder off of all the areas that we don't want the second color on. This may seem easy but its the most tedious job in the world. For example a basic two tone on a 17" wheel takes about 1-2 hours per wheel just to get it wiped off.

Now on something like the valve cover you see that two tone is a little easier. We just sprayed the yellow base, then was as simple as setting the cover on the bench and filling the letter with black powder.

So if you are thinking about getting your parts two toned, yes we can do that, just be ready to pay up for it.

Travis Ridenour


TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, MI

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