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Turbos are probably one of our favorite parts to coat at the shop. They take time to mask to make them look good but opening the engine bay and seeing a custom colored turbo we did is a great sight. The best part is we can help you out with both ends of the turbo charger. On the front side as you can see we can do a large variety of colors because the temps are usually much lower.

On the exhaust side we can also help with making those look better also with little high temp ceramic coating. While high temp ceramic does have more limited color options, having any sort of coating on it will help it look much better then a rusty discolors raw iron piece.

The turbo you are looking at was a fresh Borg Warner turbo charger for a Ford Focus. It was brought to us brand new in the box. We disassembled it and did a very nice candy red on the front, and our flat black high temp ceramic coating on the back. Once reassembled the customer was more then happy with us and has since returned with more parts to spruce up his engine bay.

Travis Ridenour

TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, MIchigan

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