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This Week At TLR Coatings, Week Of 8-19-25

This Week at TLR Coatings we had a bit of a slower week. Not a huge surprise, as anyone in business will tell you August is one of those months you either attack and dominate ORRRRRRRR basically shut down for the month. Here we have been having a pretty good month but with fall and school and everything else about to start it has tailed off. However we still had a few projects. First project up was some turbo and exhaust manifolds in a new ceramic color, glacier gold. This color definitely stands out under the hood as you can see by the pics.

The second project we had was a nice set of wheels for a new customer off of a new body style Camaro. They came to us looking ok in raw aluminum form. But the owner wanted something sleeker. So we set him up with a nice gloss black to stand out. As you can see they will definitely turn some heads.

Thats all for our major projects this week. We have some smaller ones we did also to fill time and we appreciate every job that walks through the door.

Travis Ridenour


TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, MI

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