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This Week At TLR Coatings 9-8-19

This week at TLR Coatings we are rolling out of our slow season and back into our busy season. We had a couple major projects which included a full service wheel job on a beautiful 2017 Ford Mustang. The owner loved the car but not the stock looking wheels. So we helped him out with that by blacking them out and it definitely helped the look of the car.

Second major project we had this week was a some Honda Grom Stunt parts. These came to us already coated but not looking the best. So we stripped them down. Gave them a zinc primer base for durability and rust proofing and then color coated them with a new color we hadn't shot before, anodized gold. As you can see from the pictures they came out great and the customer was more then happy.

Finally for this week we have some exciting news regarding the shop. We have recently purchased a bunch of new equipment to help take our shop to the next level. We finally got our first two pieces installed and functional. First piece was a brand new powder coating gun from Wagner. This thing is awesome and helps us lay down some smoooooth powder. The next piece we got up and running this week is a new Kool Koat powder coating booth from Columbia Coatings. I have to say this thing is amazing. We ran into a couple small snags during setup but now that its up and going I can't complain. Having never actually had a proper spray booth I went into this with a blank slate but I am thoroughly impressed and extremely happy I purchased this. We have a lot more upgrades to come so stay tuned for more as we move on bringing our shop to the next level.

Travis Ridenour


TLR Coatings

Kalamazoo, MI


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